It only takes a second for life to change forever. Even a seemingly minor automobile accident can cause permanent damage or injury. Of course, not all injuries are apparent immediately. In the aftermath of an accident the rush of adrenaline can mask some injuries, especially soft tissue injuries that may not become apparent for hours, or even a few days after a car accident. It’s usually suggested after an impact such as a car accident to be examined by a physician or hospital. The sudden thrusting of the body, and especially the neck, can frequently cause pain and injury. When the neck is involved in an impact such as that, it often leads to whiplash, characterized by tears and strain in the muscles and tendons of the neck. For long-term liability protection, obtaining medical care with 2 weeks is important to directly correlate the injury to the accident.

Visiting an auto accident doctor orlando will help to prevent long-term damage and pain, if suffering from whiplash. Some of the whiplash symptoms that may present shortly after an accident include: neck pain, limited range of motion, stiffness and headaches. A whiplash dr orlando deals with these issues on a daily basis and knows what to do to relive the symptoms and bring the patient some relief from this painful condition. Initial treatment for the acute pain includes medication, such as anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxants, along with a neck brace to help support the neck muscles and tendons. Icing the neck is usually advised for the first couple days, followed by warm, moist heat such as a heating pad. After the initial recovery phase, massage or physical therapy may help to heal the neck.

In some automobile accidents, it can be difficult to prove liability. By seeking treatment immediately for whiplash or other neck and back pain, one can ensure they’ve documented their injuries properly in the event it becomes necessary to prove an injury is directly related to the car accident. Don’t delay. Always get examined after an accident. It can make the difference between a short-time inconvenience or long-term pain and suffering.